The National Electronic Media Institute of South Africa – NEMISA, operates from a modern office and studio complex centrally situated in Parktown, Johannesburg. The newly revitalized institute will now have a newly refurbished building that relates to the dynamic and creative hub that the ]institute represents. the building’s unusual spaces allowed Koen Architecture to interject a four-storey a
trium with a central communicating stairway that serves as a central link to all classrooms and offices. To create a stronger entry and to link the inside/outside spaces, the proposal which allow daylight into the building – We propose that we replace the windowless facade with a two-storey glass curtain wall that will give NEMISA an instant presence in the neighbourhood.

We also designed the conversion of a large studio into a tiered auditorium that can be used as a classroom, lecture hall, or meeting space. To accommodate additional programmatic needs, the project includes specialized spaces such as an alumni centre, faculty rooms and study spaces. The NEMISA building after construction will be a four – five storey structure of just under 5350m². This would all be subject to a town planning rezoning application for the additional Bulk as the existing town planning conditions and building only allows 3984,3m². The project will have a significant architectural presence while also respecting the existing campus context and environment.

A key project goal is to create an environment that encourages collaborative learning and creativity, and is flexible enough to evolve with the introduction of new technologies and methodologies. The vocabulary of the building looks to the future yet is cognizant of its context. The building is “outward facing’, encouraging public engagement and advertising its purpose and program. The design speaks innovation but is also timeless in its appearance. The new NEMISA building achieves all of these goals yet is very cost effective.